Rewire Started

A full rewrite of the bot - Every feature is being remade with new ui, fancy new commands, and all new cards.


1.2 Released

RSM 1.2 Has been released, with many more features than before. With new commands like m!verify, moderating your server is easier than before.


Stranded once again

Work with your server to escape the island. The bot was rewritten from scratch to make way for more core functions like skills.



Moderation Redefined

Our custom made moderation bot with many features including raid protection, user verification, and much more.

Gone Pair Shaped

Connecting pairs

Card matching on Discord - Play a game similar to Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples with all your friends, completely free of charge.


Island Life

Castaway is a idle game bot that takes you and your entire server onto a remote island full of resources. Your goal? Get off the island by building a boat

Hooks Gone Hooky

Webhook Moderation

Protect yourself from webhook raids with Hooks Gone Hooky. As soon as we detect a webhook pinging people we'll delete it, stopping most webhook raiders in their tracks

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